2015 miles in 2015


imageRecently I saw a suggestion somewhere (and now I can’t remember where… oops!) that instead of setting a New Year’s Resolution, you should pick a word and make that your goal for the year.  For example, your word could be “brave,” and you would focus your energy on being brave.  This helps to relieve the pressure of a resolution, and allows you to set goals based on your word.  It sounded amazing to me, and I am always up for a new goal setting session!

I had a hard time thinking of a word to use, but I think I have settled on “push.”  Everything I want to do this year will require me to push myself– I want to step out of my comfort zone, push myself to do things I wouldn’t normally, and push myself to be better.

Of course, after picking my word, I immediately started setting goals and had to start with my workout goals first.  Lately I haven’t been cross-training as much as I should, and I know that is one of my keys to not getting injured this year.  I need to get on my bike more.  I can’t remember the last time I was in a pool.  I need to take walk breaks during my lunch so I can clear my head and push myself to produce a better work product.

Therefore, I am going to walk/run/bike/swim/just move 2015 miles in 2015.  It sounds like a big and scary number, but once I broke it down per month, I knew it would be manageable.  Here are my monthly goals:


Obviously these montly goals are not set in stone.  In fact, I am going to start my half-marathon training soon, so I very likely will end up with a lot more miles in January than 125.  Last year I received a Polar Loop Activity Tracker for my birthday, which tracks my steps throughout the day and gives me an estimate on mileage. Since my watch easily keeps track of running and walking miles, I will only need to track for swimming and biking.  I hope to keep you all updated, which will also help keep me accountable 🙂

Did you set a big goal for 2015?  Do you chose a word?  A resolution?

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