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Happy Saturday! Today is my birthday (woohoo!) and I’m off celebrating with my hubby.  Also, the date today is 12-13-14, which I think is pretty cool (and now you know that I am a true type A person because I love that the numbers are in sequential order…. ha!).


Here are some good reads for your weekend:

Stories like this make me so happy. #lovewins

Do you run near hunting grounds? Better be careful! How terrifying!

Have you watched the Getaway? It’s a fabulous show on Esquire, and between that and anything Anthony Bourdain, my husband and I may just keep cable. An upcoming episode is set in Barcelona! We loved that city, and I can’t wait to write about our trip there.

Lena Dunham, explaining something important, which she shouldn’t need to explain.

Pictures of cute babies and adorable dogs always get me, and when you put them together, I die.

What are you up to this weekend? I hope it’s a great one!

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