My Running Story

I have been running for several years now.  I started mainly as a stress reliever and to have something to do.  I quickly learned it made me feel better and turned out to be a great stress reliever for me.  Counter-intuitively, it also helps me manage my asthma.

I ran a lot just to run, but eventually started adding a few races to the mix.  I ran several 5ks, then did a couple 10ks before signing up for a half marathon.  I ran/ walked through two half marathons with the goal of just finishing.  (Oh, and not finishing last!)


Right after finishing half marathon #2: Deadwood Mickelson Trail

Last year I started taking a marathon training course with the goals of getting faster and meeting other runners.  My experience in the class was fantastic– I met great people, I knew more about running than I thought I would ever learn, and I shaved almost 30 seconds (per mile) off my normal pace.  I was feeling great and was so ready for a PR.  (I’m sure you can see where this is going…)

After training for months, and just a few weeks before the half marathon, I got hurt.  We believe, but still aren’t totally sure, that I irritated my piriformis muscle.  It’s a tiny muscle in my butt, which sits right on the sciatic nerve, which led to crazy nerve pain from my lower back down to my toes.  (Side note– I would never, ever wish sciatic pain on anyone!  I had people tell me it’s common for pregnant women to get sciatic pain… gosh I hope not!  It was awful!  I feel for you if you have ever experienced it!)

I was forced to sit out of the race and stopped running for almost a month.  (My poor husband probably suffered the most– sorry!)  Ultimately, I worked my way back into running and managed my pain with a stretching and strengthening routine.


My best friend: my foam roller… ahhhh

However, for months I was nervous to sign up for another race.  I was nervous that I would get hurt again and waste more money on a race.  Finally I got over my nervous and made myself sign up for a the Feast and Feathers Half Marathon on Thanksgiving day!  I’m so glad I was able to come back from my injury.  I will probably forever have slight twinges and have to be very vigilent about my stretching and foam rolling, but I’m back to running and that’s all that matters!


Coming up next is my review of the Feast and Feathers half marathon!


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