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On our road trip to Colorado, we started listening to the Serial podcast. I know I’m way behind on this and it’s no newsflash to most people, but holy cow was Serial amazing! Seriously we made it to Colorado with 2 episodes left and thought about driving a few more hours to finish it. We didn’t, but we wanted to.

Now that I have had my fill of Serial, I’m looking for other podcast suggestions.  I currently love listening to “On Being” and “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me,” and I’m looking to add a few more to listen to while running (think: podcasts not featured on NPR).
What podcasts do you love to listen to?  Have you listened to Serial? What did you think?
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  • Kevin

    I’m a big podcaster, and would be happy to write about some of what I listen to:

    You mentioned two great NPR podcasts already, but some others I enjoy are ‘Planet Money’ and ‘Ask Me Another’.

    PM is a 15-20 podcast centered around a topical, but off-beat financial story. I know, I know, that sounds the opposite of enjoyable, but it’s presented in a very accessible way that those of us (re: me) with little money knowledge can understand and learn. Since listening, I have a much better understanding about how my money is handled by banks and other services, and how the global economy works (sort of).

    AMA is like Wait,Wait in that it’s a NPR game show, but this one is more quirky (if that’s possible). Contestants answer questions by rhyming, creating puns, and singing the French version of their favorite TV jingle (yes, actually happened). If you like clever and goofy, this is a great pod.

    I also enjoy a number of sports-related podcasts including ‘Hand Up and Listen’ and ‘The Lowe Post’. HU&L are from NPR and Slate.com writers, and deal with general sports news in a very smart and non-ESPN kind of way. TLP is from the best NBA writer in the country Zach Lowe, and is a must-download for any basketball fan.

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