Mileage Matters

imageTo keep me on track (and honest) with my BIG goal of 2015 miles in 2015, I thought I would post once or twice a month about the workouts I have done and where I stand each month.

So far, 2015 is off to a pretty good start.  Traveling usually messes up my workouts, but I did pretty good.  One thing I noticed was that I haven’t been in the pool at all, and I reallly need to.  But it is just sooooo hard to get in the water when it is below zero outside!  That is really my only excuse, and it is not a good one.  Plus, I have been super sore after some of my strength workouts lately, and I know a dip in the pool will help kick the soreness!

After signing up for the (now sold out!) Lincoln Half Marathon, I also decided to join Project Purple, a nonprofit working to fight against pancreatic cancer.  You can read more about my fundraising efforts here.  I am so excited to join them!

Now, on to the numbers:

{ Side note: math is not my strong suit– insert lawyer joke here– so if you see a mistake, just roll with it 😉 }

January Miles
1: 2.6 miles (1.5 mile run)
2: 4.8 miles (1 mile run & yoga)
3: 5.2 miles (3 mile run)
4: 1.9 miles + 10.5 mile bike
5: 3.3 miles (workout video)
6: 3.7 miles (I honestly cannot for the life of me remember what I did, sooooo rest day?)
7: 2.7 miles (travel day- rest)
8: 1.6 + 6.5 miles bike
9: 6.2 miles (5 mile run to the beach)
10: 5.3 miles (walking all around Tampa)
11: 1.5 miles (travel day rest)
12: 5.4 miles (3.5 mile run)
13: 3.6 miles (strength class)
14: 2.7 miles (yoga)

Total: 67.5 miles out of 125 miles as my goal for January!  Woohoo!  I am on track so far!  Now I need to just keep it up!

What tips do you have for staying on top of goals?  How are yours going?

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