Mileage Matters 2.16

Oh hello there everyone!  Wow it has been a while, hasn’t it?  Work has been crazy.  I feel like I have said that before.  But really, it has.  I feel like all I do is work and run lately.

Running is why I’m posting today.  Remember when I said I would give periodic updates on my goal of hitting 2015 miles in 2015?  I had planned on updating twice a month, but now I’m not so sure that will happen.  I will keep tracking and updating as often as possible.  Unless you hear otherwise, just assume I’m doing what I need to do.


Now on to the numbers!

16: 3.8 miles (yoga
17: 6.1 miles (4 mile run)
18: 2.4 miles (rest)
19: 4.2 miles (3 mile run)
20: 4.5 miles (strength class and yoga)
21: 2.1 miles (yoga)
22: 6.2 miles (3 mile run)
23: 3.7 miles (rest)
24: 7.6 miles (5 mile run)
25: 2.4 miles (+ 5 mile bike and strength)
26: 5.9 miles (4 mile run/ 4 x hills)
27: 3.5 miles (strength)
28: 2.9 miles (yoga)
29: 5.8 miles (3 mile run)
30: 4.1 miles (rest)
31: 7.9 miles (5 mile run)

67.5 miles + 78.1

Total for January: 145.6

mileage 2.16

1: 3.5 miles (Kevin and I did this super bowl workout!)
2: 1.7 miles (rest)
3: 5.9 miles (strength)
4: 5.9 miles (2 mile run)
5: 5.8 miles (3 mile run)
6: 3.9 miles (rest)
7: 9.6 miles (6 mile run)
8: 4.1 miles (rest)
9: 2 miles (+ 4 miles on bike and yoga)
10: 5.3 miles (strength)
11: 5 miles(2 mile run)
12: 2.2 miles (rest)
13: 3.7 miles (yoga)
14: 10.2 miles (7 mile run)
15: 1.2 miles (rest, and I put my watch on the charger and then forgot to put it back on so it didn’t track my steps for the majority of the day, so booooo)

Equals: 74 miles so far in February

Total so far this year: 219.6 miles

Yippee!  I’m so glad I’m just a bit ahead of schedule.  It still gives me motivation to get my butt moving everyday, and I’m not pushing myself too hard which could lead to injuries.

I still haven’t convinced myself to get into the pool.  I think I need to just put it on my schedule and make myself go.  Yep, that’s what I will do.  (fingers crossed!)

P.S. I frequently post pictures from my runs to instagram, so you can follow along there if you would like!  I don’t do it to brag (ok, maybe a little…), but because it’s just so darn pretty I just have to share.  I’m not one of those people who enjoys working out inside.  It’s hard for me to be cooped up.  I want to see the sunrise and breathe the cool air.  ahhhhh.


How do you motivate yourself to do something you don’t really want to know, but know it will be great in the end?

Did you set a “goal” for 2015 (or maybe a resolution?)?  What was it?  How is it going?

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