On running and life.


Running is so much like life.image

When it’s beautiful out. When the sun is shining. When the temperature is perfect and everyone is smiling. It makes me want to run slower. It makes me want to run longer. It makes me want to savor it. Breathe it in deep and snap lots of pictures. Smile at all the people passing, and nod hello at my fellow runners.

When the weather is nasty. When the sky is dark. When it’s windy and icy and raining. It makes me want to get it over with. Just finish it as fast as possible and ignore the pain and not think. Sometimes it makes want to skip it altogether. Say forgot it. I don’t need it. I’ll wait until the moment is right and all the stars align.

But we can’t wait. Everyday is the best day. Even the hard runs and painful moments are great ones. The cold makes me slow down and appreciate the little flecks of glitter when the sun shines on the ice. So too do hard days make me appreciate my strength and ability to do hard things. I can run through the cold because I know warm days are coming. I can do hard things because I know fun is right around the corner.

So I run.

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