Mini Babymoon: Sioux Falls

sioux falls

Not long after finding out we were pregnant, Kevin and I started dreaming of a “babymoon” which is similar to a honeymoon but taken before baby arrives.  As much as I am craving and wishing for another week-long vacay to Europe right now, it’s just not in the cards.  So we decided to hit up a few weekend trips before I get too big to make traveling sound fun.

This past weekend we drove up to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  It was a short drive and ended up being a great weekend trip!

We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn South.  It was a bit of a drive (about 10 minutes or so) to downtown Sioux Falls, but the hotel was gorgeous.  If you can get lucky and find a room at the Hilton Garden Inn downtown, ask for a room facing the river.  It looked divine!  DSC00008 DSC00009

Yes, we tested the comfiness of the bed before I got a chance to take a picture 🙂

Immediately after checking in, we headed to a local pub!  It was called Monk’s House of Ale Repute, so of course we had to check out the punny restaurant.


The next morning we headed to straight to the Falls Park Farmer’s Market for some yummy breakfast!


DSC00013 DSC00014 DSC00017

We then walked over to the Falls!  It was seriously beautiful!  

A cool panoramic shot of the falls.  Click on the picture to see all the details! 


DSC00026 DSC00027 DSC00028 DSC00031

Kevin was much more daring about getting close to the water than I was 🙂


At one point, there was a water power mill here.


After walking around for a while, we worked up quite an appetite and headed to find some delicious lunch/ brunch.  Kevin had waffles and I had a breakfast burrito at Phillips Avenue Diner.  It was amazing (and spicy!  That chorizo will get ya!).

After lunch, we walked around downtown a bit.  We were able to see many of the adorable and beautiful sculptures they have throughout downtown.  The sculptures are changed out every year, and the city take votes on which is the best.  The city then buys the sculpture with the most votes to display in the city!



I loved this adorable moose by Martha Pettigrew (who is from Nebraska!). 

After doing a lot of shopping, which mainly involved buying baby stuff (ha!), we had to stop for some sugar and caffeine at Coffea.  The cookie was amazing, but the latte was to die for.  We also got to spend a bit of time with a friend of ours who lives and works in Sioux Falls!


We next headed to the Visual Arts Center at Washington Pavilion, which had a great, eclectic group of art.  I fell in love with the artwork by Oscar Howe— a Native American artist known for pushing the boundaries on what is considered Native art.  His pieces were vibrant and beautiful!

After all that, we were ready for a nap.  A few hours later, we were back downtown for another delicious meal at Minerva’s!  I had the scallops and shrimp linguine and Kevin had the walleye.  Both were phenomenal! 

Funny story: we didn’t know this before going, we the same weekend we were there the city was holding their annual “Hot Harley Nights” event.  It’s basically a giant street party with lots and lots and lots of bikers.  It certainly wasn’t our scene, but it made for fun people watching and the concert was nice too!


The next morning we headed out of Dodge.  On our way back, we stopped briefly in Vermillion so Kevin could see where I almost went to law school.  Ok, not really.  They don’t have a Target in town, so I couldn’t even imagine myself there!  But it really is a nice campus 🙂

DSC00047We also stopped in Sioux City, Iowa for a quick bite to eat for lunch.  Unfortunately we quickly learned that most restaurants don’t open until dinner on Sundays (what is that about?!?).  Fortunately, it resulted in us eating at a little hole in the wall burger place called Jim’s Burgers.  It was the perfect, greasy, small town style burger, and a great way to end our trip!

Overall, Sioux Falls was a great trip and I would recommend it for anyone!


Have you ever been to Sioux Falls?  What was your favorite part?

Did you go on a babymoon?  Where did you go?

What would your perfect weekend trip entail?

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