7 Months Old

Each time Emerson turns another month old, I become even more amazed with her.  She turned 7 months old on Friday, as hard as it is to believe.

This month Emerson has been working on rolling over from back to front.  She loves to do it when I’m out of the room so I haven’t actually seen it yet (of course!).


She has started recognizing faces, and it’s so cute to see her face light up when she sees someone she recognizes! IMG_5328

She loves her Sasha dog.  Emerson constantly watches her run around and loves to swat at her nose.  Sasha isn’t a huge fan of that game, but still gives away lots of kisses. IMG_5341

Sasha is a good sport, and doesn’t mind too much that Emerson can’t share her toys 😉 IMG_5345

We went through a short bit where Emerson wasn’t sleeping well.  It only lasted about a week, but it felt like the longest week of our lives.  Luckily I ordered her a new swaddle that allows her to suck on her hands (this one, to be exact), and life is back to normal!  If she wakes up, it’s only for a short while and she falls back asleep on her own.  She is back to sleeping around 11 hours a night, so mama is happy!
IMG_5370 IMG_5379

We got the go-ahead from the doc to start with real food, so we recently began our venture into baby-led weaning.  So far, Emerson has tried sweet potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli, and carrots.  She isn’t super interested in it, but she is getting there!


Anything and everything she can hold on to goes directly into her mouth, including her feet!  She chews and chews on everything, and drools all over her hands and clothes.IMG_5393

Emerson as been an absolute joy, and we can’t wait to see what the next month has in store for us!

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