I signed Emerson and me up for a parent-tot swim class which starts in a few weeks.  I am sooooooo beyond excited (almost annoyingly so) for her to take swim lessons.  It’s actually probably a little ridiculous that we are taking this class because I taught it not that long ago.

Anyways!  Now that I will be back in the water again regularly, I am on the hunt for a new swimsuit.  My current suit is a little too snug (darn you baby weight), so I want to grab a new one.  There are so many cute styles out now that I can’t decide which one to get!  I am not super picky, but here are my criteria:

  1. No halter.  I just can’t handle it.  They always dig into my neck or feel like they are gonna fall off.  They look so cute on the models, but I just can’t do it.
  2. It needs to be comfy enough to move in, but not super plain.  For many years I was a swimmer/ lifeguard and wore the plain jane TYR suits.  I want something fun, but I also want to feel like I am not popping out all over.  You know what I mean?
  3. I think I want to try a new style.  I have had bikinis, one pieces, and yes, even a tankini (long ago!).  This time I think I want to try a high-waisted style.  They are so cute and fun and retro looking!

I started doing some online shopping, and here is what I have found!


  1. GB paisley-print underwire bandeau top for $40 and strappy high waist bottoms for $40.  This one is soooooo super cute, but I am not sure that top would hold in the girls.
  2. Coco Reef Suit $53 (on sale) for top and $30 for the high-waisted bottoms.  I love love love this style of top, and I bet it would be cute with some high-waisted bottoms!  I wish it came in other colors though.
  3. Cremieux Border Print top for $58 and high-waisted bottoms for $56.  This one is super duper adorable and may be my favorite.  I love the print and colors!
  4. Robby Len by Longitude one piece suit for $60.  This one is a safe backup, but may be a little toooooo safe.  It looks a lot like my old swim team suits, but it does have a little flair with the pattern.

The only downside is now I actually have to go shopping and try them on…

Do you have a favorite suit style?  What is it?

Do you like to go swimsuit shopping?  Where is your favorite place to shop?

Did you see that Victoria’s Secret won’t be selling suits anymore?  I wasn’t all that upset because I don’t usually have luck there, but I know a lot of people loved them!  Are you upset about it?

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