9 months


Our little Emerson Vivian is 9 months old today and I. can’t. handle. it.  Seriously.  Where has the time gone?  Before we know it, we will have a one year old!


This month was really big for Emerson developmentally.  She is now rolling allllll over the place.  She won’t lay still, and if she sees something she wants, she rolls to get it.  It won’t be long before she is crawling.  Heaven help us.


The other night she cut her first tooth.  She was a bit fussy, but overall it wasn’t the horrible experience I expected it to be.  Hopefully that continues!


She can sit up on her own now, but isn’t completely reliable.  Every once in a while she will throw herself back, and always seems so surprised when that happens!


Recently Emerson had her first road trip!  We went to grandma and grandpa’s house in Stratton.  She wasn’t a huge fan of the ride there, but once we got there she was all smiles.  She showed off all her new skills and had a blast!  She even got to see the cows.  She didn’t mind seeing one cow, but she got a little freaked out when the truck was surrounded by them!


She is still an excellent sleeper, and even slept well at grandma and grandpa’s house!  (I feel like every time I say she is a good sleeper two things happen: 1. every other mom gets mad at me– sorry! 2. she wakes up that night.  Let’s hope that one doesn’t happen!)


Emerson has been talking up a storm lately.  She loves to say dada, baba, bwabwa, and wawa.  If I ask her to say mama, she laughs at me.  Of course.


Her newest laugh is to crinkle up her nose and breathe fast though her nose several times before giggling.  It’s adorable and silly and I can’t get enough of it.


At her last appointment she weighed 17 pounds, which is kinda incredible when you think about where she started.  It may be because she eats alllllllll. the. time.  Seriously.  The nurse laughed a lot when she asked what Emerson eats and I replied with: breastmilk, formula (a special formula for preemie babies), pureed baby food, and regular food.  She will eat anything you give her, but she especially loves broccoli, pears, sweet potatoes, peaches, and prunes (weird!).


Life with our beautiful Emerson is so many things: silly, hard, fun, wild, crazy, giggly, exhausting, interesting, and– most importantly– oh so good.  We love you missy moo!  Happy 9 months!

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