2017 To Do List

I don’t really like to set big resolutions. For me, saying something like “lose 20 pounds!” is not motivating and doesn’t sound fun. Instead, each year, and usually again half way through the year, I like to make a to do list.

I don’t think I even made a to do list last year. This time last I was holding an itty bitty baby and trying to wrap my head around keeping her alive. That was basically my only goal.

This year we are a bit more settled- or at least as much as you can be with a toddler- so I feel like I can go back to setting goals for myself. One big theme that seemed to jump out as I made my wishlist was this idea of self-care. Taking care of a baby takes a lot of time and work. But I also know I’m a better person and mom when I give myself some time to do what I enjoy.

2016 was also a hard time for me politically. Our country elected a man who is antithetical to everything I stand for. It still makes my stomach sick. Since I can’t do much about it now, I want to take steps to make the world a better place despite the bigotry that seems to have pervaded our world. I’ll do all I can to make others feel welcomed, loved, heard, celebrated, and safe.

To get my goals on paper I just started randomly writing. After they were out, I was able to group them into categories. So, in no particular order, here they are!

Crafty things to make:
-Finish the owl quilt I was making when Emerson was born
-Bind the quilt for Kevin
-Make pillows for couch
-Go back and “scrapbook” Emerson’s first year using the project life app which is so freaking cool! If you want an easy way to digitally scrapbook, this one is great!

Books to read:
-“Between the World and Me” by Ta-Nehisi Coates
-“Hillbilly Elegy” by JD Vance
-“Dark Money” by Jane Mayer
-“For the Love” by Jen Hatmaker
-“The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo” by Amy Schumer

-Find a good skin care routine
-Regularly attend yoga (and thanks to Kevin for getting me a yoga studio pass!)
-One half marathon (Moab in March) and two 10k races this year
-Take the half marathon training class again
-Write more often, including a daily journal

-Find a cleaning person
-Make one new recipe per week
-Do one house project per month
-Everyday do one small thing to make house better/cleaner
-Unsubscribe from emails and spam mail

Make the world better
-Shop small
-Find a volunteer opportunity each month
-Set up recurring donations
-Make one extra donation each month
-Do one random act of kindness each month
-Get involved more in the community, starting with attending services at the UU Church


Do you make resolutions?
What are your goals for the year?
How do you hold yourself accountable?

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