Last day in my 20s



I’m turning 30 tomorrow. My younger self would likely be disappointed to learn the road I took in life was much different than she imagined. It’s far less glamorous but I truly believe it’s full of much more laughter and happiness than could be explained to a child with big dreams of living in Paris and driving a fancy car.

When I turned 25 I had a mini meltdown. I joke that it was my quarter life crisis. I didn’t want to move into my life as a late 20 something. I wanted to be in my early 20s forever, basking in the fun and frivolity. Looking back those years were fun, but my late 20s were much happier. Now I’m facing my 30s without fear and without looking back longingly. The last decade was full and wild and, at times, very, very scary. It was also a great growing up and changing time. So much has happened and now I’m settled in this great place where I feel comfortable and happy on a daily basis.

Looking forward I’ve made some goals for my next trip around the sun, mainly in the area of self care. Last year-ish involved a lot of neglecting myself (I’m not complaining- it’s just a fact), so I’m working on giving myself the time to take care of me. I’m a much better person and get more done when I do. So here’s what I got so far:

1. Get my booty moving again. I have been working out during lunch so there are no excuses once I get home and I signed up for another half. I’m still not fully committed like I used to be but I’m getting there and it feels good.

2. Get a real skincare routine. Apparently buying random cheap crap at target will no longer work for my super sensitive and angry skin. It needs some real love. (Also I thought I left this acne thing back in my teens… sigh.)

3. Make the world a better place. So maybe this should be priority one, but nope. It’s also not a flushed out goal yet, but the gist is that I love helping others so it needs to be a regular thing. This includes volunteering time as well as donating money.

4. Pay for the things that make me irrationally angry at myself that I don’t do enough. A prime example: cleaning the toilets. I know it only takes a few minutes and it’s not that hard but I hate it. And I am reminded that I need to do it and that I hate it multiple times a day. So I’m going to pay someone else to do it. Worth it.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my twenties. I have no doubts about my thirties.

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