The Must Dos

I’ve realized lately that no matter how many things I cross off my to do list, I’ll always feel a step behind. The dishes never stop. The work projects never end. The toys will always find a way back onto the floor, alongside the piles of dog hair that seem to appear out of nowhere every few hours. I’ll always be chasing an email inbox that says “zero unread messages” and I’ll forever wish I could respond to texts immediately (or at least remember to do it in a timely manner). 

I’ve always been a list maker. One to check things off. I love the feeling of using a fat marker to draw a line through things that are done. I love the list as a guideline for my day. But I’ve realized that the longer my list gets– the more I require of myself– the shorter my patience. My happiness is pushed to the side while household chores and workouts and phone calls get priority. 

This realization continues to plague me as I feel the days getting shorter. Everyone says time moves quicker as it goes on, and it’s oh so true. I barely blinked and Emerson is nearly two. Each day she changes and learns so much. Every day I wish I could slow things down. I’ve attempted to make a conscious effort lately to soak up that time, and the to-dos have suffered. But my must do list is really the only list that matters, right? And right now my only must is some time running after a little one who refuses to stop growing. 


I haven’t been around this space much lately. It just hasn’t been a must do 😉 But I miss writing for fun. My new goal is to write first thing in the morning. I usually use that time to scroll social media which isn’t the best use of my time (at any time of the day). My posts will likely be short (and probably full of typos depending on how much coffee I have had!) and will probably be as random as my life right now. 

I’ll likely focus on random opinions, beauty favorites, and hopefully some travel. There will also undoubtedly be a lot of thoughts about motherhood. It’s a wild ride. 

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