Dream bathroom

The other day Kevin and I were playing the “what would you do for work in another life?” game. Kev suggested he could see me as an interior design and I was SO flattered! I totally don’t have the eye for that level of talent but I would love that! 

Lately I have been dreaming about renovating our bathroom (and winning the lottery to pay for it 😂). There’s nothing wrong with our bathroom as it is. It’s neutral and plain and has no character, but everything works and is in good condition. 

BUT our house is a cool and funky 1960s house with a lot of original character. This bathroom was likely updated in the late 90s and it just doesn’t match. So now I am dreaming of changing it all out and making my big wishlist. 

I’d start with a gorgeous wood vanity and some beautiful lighting. For flooring tile I think I would go with a light grey or white. 

But then I see colored flooring and especially a beautiful sunburst and I have all the heart eyes. 

Add in a funky interesting mirror and some beautiful shelving, and stand back in awe! 

Now who wants to do the work for me? Oh and pay for it? 😉 

Do you have any big reno plans or dreams? If money weren’t an issue, what’s a big home project you would tackle? 

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