Current favorite lipstick

I swear every time I try a new lipstick I say it’s my favorite. Lipstick for me is a necessity. If I don’t have something on my lips I feel naked. Rarely will you find me without anything at all. (Except when I’m eating because I hate the feeling of eating with lipstick on!)

My lipstick qualifications and wants are pretty high, and nearly impossible to meet, but I have found one that’s pretty near perfect. It’s budget friendly, goes on easily, isn’t sticky but isn’t drying, and lasts a long time without breaking up or getting patchy.

The color I’m wearing (Lover) is gorgeous and the perfect everyday mauve. I’m now on the hunt for more colors! Maybe this red in Pioneer for the holidays? Yum!

What’s your favorite lipstick?

What are your must haves in a lipstick?

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