Let’s talk about “beauty”

Occasionally I have people question why I wear makeup.

I think, for me, makeup is mostly about fun, personal expression, and creativity. Sure there are things I like to disguise like my dark eye circles, but I don’t feel that I need to. I frequently spend 1-2 days a week with very little to no makeup on. I have no problem going out in public without makeup. I’m not ashamed of my skin or my clear eyebrow hairs or my dark circles. I’m ok with having a blemish or acne scars. I don’t hate my oily and red nose. These are all just features of me.

I use makeup to have fun. I use makeup because I can enhance the things I LOVE about my face, like my bright, multicolored eyes and my full lips. I use makeup to experiment with different colors and feel lucky that I have neutral skin tone so I can wear warm colors one day and cool colors the next.

Beauty, for me, isn’t about wearing a full face of makeup or going without any. Beauty is about owning whatever I wear (or don’t wear) and stepping forward with confidence.

If anyone asks me, “what makeup do I need?” I always respond that they don’t NEED any. Now if you ask me, “how can I make my eyes pop?” I’m your girl, as I want to help you explore new colors, try new things, and have fun.

  • How do you define beauty?
  • Why do you use makeup?
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