30L1P: day 15

I have to be honest, when I got this palette I thought I would never reach for the pukey yellow color. But… I actually love it! I think it helps to bring out the gold in my eyes 😍 Mixed with a deep green eyeliner it’s even more beautiful!

1- I mixed these two colors together and blended them into the crease and a bit above it.

2- I put the pukey yellow allll over the lid.

3- I deepened up the outer corner with a touch of this pretty brown

2- I then went back into the inner corners and deepened up the yellow just a touch.

FAQs– I’ve received a few questions and I’ll just keep adding in answers here. Don’t hesitate to ask. There’s no such thing as a dumb question!

Do I have to use the Jaclyn Hill palette? No way! You can find similar colors in other palettes. If you need some cheaper options, let me know I’ll send you some recommendations based on the colors you like to wear.

Do you put the numbers on in the order listed? I do! If there’s more than one number listed, it means I’m mixing them together. One of my favorite things to make my own colors. Play around if you don’t like a certain color- you may find you love it with another color mixed in!

Do I have to do it in the same order? No! There’s no right or wrong way to do makeup. I do my crease first because I don’t have a defined crease when my eyes are open. I have hooded eyes so my crease and lid tend to disappear when my eyes are open. You likely have a different eye shape. Play around and find out what works for you!

This article is a great one about eye shapes and the best eyeshadow for your shape.

If I follow your tutorial exactly, will it look the same on me? Nope. Sorry! Just like painters can never duplicate another painter *exactly* neither can makeup artists. We each hold our brushes differently and use different pressure and different amounts of product and..: well you get it. Make the look your own! I’m hoping to provide inspiration and ideas.

What lighting is best for selfies? Haha this one isn’t exactly what was asked, but it’s close. I find that the best light is a partly cloudy day at about 11 am or 2 pm near a window that isn’t directly in the sun. Other than that, I have no idea and I’m learning with ya ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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