30L1P: Day 19

Sometimes when I look at a palette the dark colors can make me so nervous. I imagine myself as a raccoon and it’s not a great look 😂

But in reality, the dark colors add so much to a palette because you can mix and match colors to make any look you want! You can also make new colors by mixing in darker or lighter shades. And you can add depth to your eyes and make your lashes look thicker with the dark shadows.

Just use a light hand (seriously do just a tiny tap into the dark color you want to try) and build it up as you go. And if you go too far, just wash it off! 😊

1- mix these two into the crease

2- deepen the outer corners with this brick red

3- top color 2 with this one and blend slightly into the center of the lid

4- use this deep green an a liner on the top lid

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