30L1P: Day 30

It’s here! The last day is here 😱

Today I wanted some eggplant-ish colored eyes and lips. I love wearing purple eyeshadow, but the only real purple in the Jaclyn Hill Palette is the shimmery royal purple and I didn’t want that.

I played around with some color mixing and came out with exactly what I wanted!

1- all over the lid, in the crease, and blend up towards the brow bone.

2- using a flat brush, I added this all over the lid, focusing on making it darkest on the outer corner.

3- Using a fluffy brush I added this color over top of color 2.

Using the same fluffy brush I dipped a bit into color 2 and blended it on top of color 3. Keep dipping and mixing until it’s the color you want!

Y’all this project was sooooo much fun for me! It really helped me to be so creative with my makeup each morning. Plus it reminded me of the thing I like to teach about makeup: it’s all about having fun. It’s an art and you can make it whatever you want. Have fun!

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