Life lately has been craaaazy busy, to say the least. And the first thing that got pushed out of my schedule was working out. My draining job left me without an inkling of desire to workout, so I didn’t.  And now my pants are tight and walking up the stairs leaves me huffing a bit more than I would like.
I also know that the number on the scale, for me, doesn’t ever equal happiness.  I am not saying the above to shame myself in any way.
But I know that my heart, mind, and body all work smoother and better and happier when I sweat a little.  I also know that starting a workout routine now will make it more likely that it will continue into the new year. No waiting for New Year’s Resolutions.
So I’m setting a new goal for December— what I’m calling “Runcember”– where I pledge to run (and probably walk a little if I’m being real honest) at least one mile per day for the entire month.  I created a little calendar to hang up so I can see my goals each day and mark down my progress.
Who wants to do it with me??
Who’s setting a December workout goal?
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